domus magazine 3/1997


Cover Art by Shinro Ohtake

domus title 03/1997 Shinro Ohtake: I have never seen much point in creating something out of nothing, from ground zero. I feel uncomfortable faced with a brand-new blank sheet of paper, as if forced into responsibilities even before birth. If anything, I`d have to say my driving interest seems to come closest to collaboration with "what`s already there", the results being what I call my work.

Over a continous succesion of engaging dreams , all sorts of shapes build up inside me. Each vague shape does not just swim into my mind without reason; each shape is something that was already there, brought to the surface through the catalytic conversion of dreams.

The convoluted course by which I encounter "what`s already there" in my own daily life and see it take new shapes, closely resembles the process by which the shapes already there inside me in my dreams are given concrete expression in my work. Collaboration with "what`s already there", whether internal or external, excites me. I believe in this simple fact. Shinro Ohtake

The Cover of domus 3/1997 is a reproduction taken from the RETINA catalogue.