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1985   William S. Burroughs "Queer" book
1986   Ginger Baker "Horses And Trees"
1988   Throwing Muses "House Tornado"
1988   Ryuichi Sakamoto "Playing the Orchestra"
1989   Material "Seven Souls"
1990   Ginger Baker "Middle Passage"
1990   Akira Sakata "Mooko"
1992   Throwing Muses "The Curse"
1993   Henry Threadgill "Too Much Sugar For a Dime"
1994   Kristin Hersh "Strings EP"
1994   Kristin Hersh "Your Ghost EP"
1994   Kristin Hersh "Hips and Makers"
1994   David Sylvian & Robert Fripp "Damage"
1994   Flying Mijinko Band "Central Asian Tour"
1995   Pipeline "Yamantaka diary"
1996   Various "Valis II - Everything Must Go"
1998   Kristin Hersh "Strange Angels"
2000   Toru Takemitsu "Songs", complete artwork by Shinro Ohtake
2001   David Sylvian & Robert Fripp "Damage" rerelease
2006   IDEA magazine #319   index   contact

art direction and design: bubble & squeak