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A direct relationship exists between printing and fine art. This link was forged by the use of printed matter in collages and other methods of incorporating images from printed matter, a form which began with the papier colle works of Picasso and Braque.The relationship was later enlarged, through use of screen printing by Warhol and Rauschenberg, into a new space for thecreation of works of art using the technique of printing itself. Shinro Ohtake is one of the artists now developing their own creative universe through an exceedingly positive and profound connection with printed matter and printing techniques.


the exhibition Since he first began working, the source of Shinro Ohtake's images has always been the multifarious printed items created, then casually thrown away unregarded, by all modern societies: scraps of discarded newspaper, placards pasted illegally inside public telephone booths, and so on. Ohtake uses these materials in collages and also prints the images thus created in the form of artist's books, which he has been publishing prolifically.


There may be a tendency to interpret Ohtake's method of working as registering an objection to the hierarchical distinction between painting--as high culture--and printing-- as low culture. However, Ohtake's oeuvre, characterized as it is by an obsessive excess in both quantity and quality, suggests that the artist is perhaps responding instinctively rather than consciously to the proliferation, production and repetition essentially implied by printing, since printing, as low culture, is a technique for reproduction. This exhibition has been designed to explore the relationship between Ohtake's work and printing, to examine the significance of printing in relation to fine art and, in turn, to our own sensibilities in what is fast becoming a world dominated by multimedia.

Starting with experimental pictures indicating the feedback loop in operation between Ohtake's work and printing, in which images from printed matter created by the artist himself are blown up to large sizes using a digital inkjet printer and redone by adding paintings and collages, the exhibition displays new works, including three-dimensional multiples using wooden molds(analogous to printing plates) used to make fiberglass boats.

CCGA would like to express its deepest gratitude to everyone who helped in the mounting of this exhibition. Besides Mr.Shinro Ohtake, who gave his best, demonstrating awesome powers of concentration and enthusiasm despite various obstacles along way, then we extend special thanks to our guest curator Ms.Kazuko Koike, and to Mr.Pierre Restany, who contributed a much appreciated essay to the catalogue.

Gallery Talk Opening Party Gallery Talk Opening Party

Shinro Ohtake: Printing/Painting
October 4(Sat.)1997

Photo:Haruo Goto Monochrome Co., Ltd.

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Shinro Ohtake: Printing/Painting, exhibition catalogue CCGA 1997.
30.5 x 22.5 cm, 74 pages, full color offset print with soft cover.
Published by the Center for Contemporary Graphic Art and Tyler Graphics Archive Collection (CCGA)
An exhibition catalogue containing the introduction by Pierre Restany, French art critic, the artist's interview, chronology, selected bibliography and a large number of the plates.

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