solo exhibitions 

1982 Gallery Watari, Tokyo (catalogue, text by David Hockney)

1984 "Shinro Ohtake 1983-84", Gallery Watarie ,Tokyo (catalogue)

1985 "Shinro Ohtake, Paintings, Collages", Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London

1986 "London/Honcon 1980 part I", Hillside Gallery, Tokyo (artist´s book)

1987 "London/Honcon 1980 part II", Miyuki Gallery, Tokyo; Gallery Dan, Osaka (artist´s book)

1987 "Shinro Ohtake:EZMD & Etching", Gallery Dan, Osaka (artist´s book)

1987 "Shinro Ohtake 1984-1987", Sagacho Exhibit Space, Tokyo (catalogue, text by Marco Livingstone)

1988 "Canvasism: Shinro Ohtake New Works", Seibu Art Forum, Tokyo (catalogue, text by Yoshiaki Tono)

1988 "Shinro Ohtake Etchings", Gallery Dan, Osaka

1989 "Shinro Ohtake: America", Seibu Art Vivant, Tokyo
(artists´ books: America, America II, Printed Matter <America/Japan> and
Tokyo Salamander: American Dream Diary 1989)

1990 "Shinro Ohtake: Recent Works 1988-1990", Galerie Tokoro, Tokyo (catalogue, text by Marco Livingstone)

1990 "Tokyo Creative ´90: Shinro Ohtake Shipyard Works 1990", Terada Soko Space T-33, Tokyo (artist´s book)

1991 "ECHOES 55-91: Works of Shinro Ohtake", Galerie Tokoro, Tokyo; Seibu Art Forum/The Contemporary Art Gallery, Tokyo; NAMBA CITY City Hall, Osaka (artists´ books: ECHO & SO - Works of Shinro Ohtake)

1992 "Shinro Ohtake Recent Works 1991-1992", NICAF YOKOHAMA`92 International Contemporary Art Fair, Japan, Galerie Tokoro stand

1993 "Shinro Ohtake: Monsieur Jarry, Tokyo Salmander" Seibu Art Forum; The Contemporary Art Gallery, Tokyo
(artists´ books: Monsieur Jarry & Tokyo Salamander: American Dream Diary 1989)

1993 "RETINA", Galerie Tokoro, Tokyo (catalogue, text by Toshiaki Minemura "Premonition of the Sea")

1994 "Shinro Ohtake New Prints: Man of Kasbah - morocane diary", Seibu Art Forum, Tokyo (artist´s book)

1995 "RETINA", Takashimaya Contemporary Art Space, Tokyo

1995 "Shinro Ohtake Books, Related Works", NICAF`95, Galerie Tokoro booth, Yokohama

1995 "Shinro Ohtake: X+Y=LOVE", Store Days, Tokyo (lithography map)

1997 May 22. - June 22.
"Shinro Ohtake: In Print" at Nadiff Gallery, Tokyo; Works which were made for the Printed Matter - book and the installation relating to the "printing" concept of Shinro Ohtake was shown.

1997 October 4. - November 30.
"Printing/Painting" at CCGA, Fukushima (catalogue and artist´s book ymcb)

1998 January 6. - March 15.
"Shinro Ohtake: Niitsu / Me, the Ambiguous Japan ", Niitsu Art Forum, Niitsu (artist´s book)

1998 March 26. - April 19. - Hawaii University, U.S.A.

1998 "Shinro Ohtake: Nega na Yoru", Seibu Art Forum, Tokyo

1999 May 28. - July 11.
 "Shinro Ohtake: ZYAPANORAMA", Parco Gallery, Tokyo (artist´s book)

1999 July 23. - August 8. 
"Shinro Ohtake: Reading His Book What´s Already There", Aoyama Book Center, Tokyo

2000 February 9. - March 18.
"Shinro Ohtake: WILL BE [KI-KEI/1978-2000]" (booklet catalogue)
(details in IDEA Magazine # 279)

2000 June 12. - July 19.  Shinro Ohtake at Base Gallery, Tokyo (catalogue)

2000 August 2 - September 4 Kirin Plaza, Osaka: Watch out for the special music gigs on the 30th of July with The Altered States and on the 31st July with EYE/ Puzzle Punks

2001 MOUSCAPE at Epson epSITE Gallery, Tokyo

2002 Shinro Ohtake at Base Gallery, Tokyo (catalogue)

2004 UK77 at Base Gallery, Tokyo (book)

2005 BASE Gallery 2005 "On Paper" (exhibition cat. unbound)

2006 Zen-Kei 1955-2006  (book 2007)

2007 New Universe on the Road, Fukuoka/Hiroshima (catalogue)

2008 "Shell & Occupy" at Take Ninagawa, Tokyo (catalogue)

2010 "Scrapbook "#65" at Take Ninagawa, Tokyo (exhibition poster / both sides)   index   contact

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