"Ambiguousness - Japan is myself"

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Exhibtion flyer
When Ohtake read in his college days Mr. Ango Sakaguchi's literature titled "My personal view on Japanese culture", which was written in 1942, he was somewhat attracted by three subjects which Sakaguchi mentioned: About the beauty related to Kosuge Prison, about a dry ice factory and about a battle ship accident he saw on his trip.

In his writing, Sakaguchi does not use a word of mechanical beauty and also he does not mean beauty belong to those subjects themselves. However, Ohtake imagines Sakaguchi's beauty means something directly hitting and hollowing his heart and also something leading his heart to nostalgia and moreover, Ohtake feels Sakaguchi couldn't yet define the  feeling such as beauty and tried to get it into more delicate domain unconsciously.

Ohtake is impatient with Sakaguchi's writing, but he believes what Sakaguchi tries to say (irritation) has been carried forward to today in various forms and still continues to live boldly in todays very funny scenery, although majority of Japanese thinks everything has now being changed since then.

**Ango Sakaguchi - a famous writer and critic during 1940s-50s
**Kosuge Prison - a famous prison where General and Premier Mr. Tojou was hung in     1946.

Ohtake created 60 new drawings under this theme for the Niitsu Exhibition.

(flyer translation by Ryo Chigira, dnp, Tokyo)


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