group exhibitions

1980 "Kluba Cupol", Sound Performance with Bruce Gilbert, Graham Lewis and Russel Mills, Notre Dame Hall, London

1984 "20th Artists To-day `84", Yokohama City Gallery, Yokohama

1985 "Giappone Avanguardia del Futuro", Palazzo Bianco, Genova (catalogue)

1985 "Live One`s Week: Only Connect", Sound Performance with Russel Mills, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

1985 "Artists` Books: Japan", Franklin Furnace, New York; Fuji TV Gallery, Tokyo (catalogue)

1989 "The Alpha Cubic Art Collection", Alpha Cubic Gallery, Tokyo (catalogue)

1989-91 "Against Nature: Japanese Art in the Eighties", San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Akron Art Musuem; MIT List Visual Arts Center/Bank of Boston Art Gallery; Seattle Art Musuem; The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati; Grey Art Gallery, New York University; Contemporary Arts Musuem, Houston (catalogue); ICA, Nagoya (catalogue)

1990 "The Game of Manners, Japanese Art in 1990", Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Ibraki (catalogue)

1990 "A New Necessity", First Tyne International, Newcastle upon Tyne (catalogue)

1990 "The Permanent Collection", Hara Museum Tokyo, Tokyo

1990 "The International Art Show for The End of World Hunger", Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo (catalogue)

1990 "Pharmakon´90", Makuhari Messe, Makuhari (catalogue)

1990 "Cross Currents: Bookworks from the Edge of the Pacific", College of Creative Studies Gallery, University of California, Santa Barbara (catalogue)

1990-91 "Japanische Kunst der Achtziger Jahre", Frankfurter Kunstverein; Bonner Kunstverein; Museum Moderner Kunst, Wien; Bregenzer Festspiele (catalogue)

1990-91 "Japan Art Today-Elusive Perspectives/Changing Visions", The Cultural Center of Stockholm; The Exhibition Hall Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; The Helsinki Municipal Art Museum; The Reykjavik Municipal Art Musuem; Sezon Museum of Modern Art, Karuiza, Japan (catalogue)

1991 "A Hybrid Garden-Six Contemporary Artists in Japan", Bigi ART SPACE, Kyoto (catalogue)

1991 "Freedom`90: Amnesty Poster Exhibition", Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama (catalogue)

1991 "Japanese Paintings in the 20th Century: Modernism and Beyond", Fukuyama Museum of Art, Fukuyama (catalogue)

1991-92 "A Cabinet of Signs: Contemporary Art from Post-Modern Japan", Tate Gallery Liverpool; Whitechapel Art Gallery, London; Malmö Konsthall, Sweden (catalogue)

1991-92 "Miki/Tanaka/Ohtake: Japanese Contemporary Arts from the `70s", Galerie Louis Carré & Cie, Paris (catalogue, texts by Pierre Restany, Shigeo Chiba)

1992 "Mask", Gallery Tom, Tokyo

1992 "Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner Telekommunizierbarkeit", Dokumentation zu St. Veiter Fax Art Event vom 26. Juni 1992, St. Veit an der Glan (catalogue)

1993 "Imagination from Letters", Ginza Graphic Gallery, Tokyo

1993 "The First Asia-Pacific Triennial Contemporary Art", Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane Australia (catalogue)

1993 "Saku Modern Art Museum 10 Years Anniversary", Saku Modern Art Museum, Saku (catalogue)

1993 "Genaalogy of Modern Sculpture in Japan", Museum of Modern Art, Toyama (catalogue)

1993 "Contemporary Art for Parents and Children", Museum of Modern Art, Toyama

1994 "`94 Bologna Fiera del Libro per Ragazzi", Bologna Children`s Boook Fair, Bologna; Itabashi Art Museum, Tokyo; Sano Art Museum, Mishima; Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya (catalogue)

1994 "Art against AIDS", Japan , Yokohama Landmark Hall; Sogetsu Art Gallery, Tokyo (catalogue)

1994 "Aspects (1979-1994): 15th Anniversary of The Hara Museum of Contemporary Art", Hara Museum, Gunma

1994 "Saizon Museum of Modern Art, Collection", Museum of Modern Art, Nagano

1994 "Out of Bounds: Contemporary Art in Sea-Scape", Naoshima Benesse House, Kagawa (catalogue)

1994 "Hiroshima: The Past and The Promise", Kumamoto Prefectural Museum; Daimaru Museum, Osaka; Koriyama City Museum of Art; Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (catalogue)

1995 "600 Seoul International Art Festival", National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea (catalogue)

1995 "Book Design in Japan 1946-95", Ginza Graphic Gallery, Tokyo (portfolio photo CD)

1995 "Biennale of Illustration Bratislava 1995", Czecho

1996 "Transformation of the Work in Art: An Exhibtion of Offset Artists` Book and Prints", Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, New York

1996 "Contemporary Art Fair", Seibu Art Forum, Tokyo

1996 "Pipeline: Uwajima-Osaka Puzzle Punks", Collaboration with Yamataka EYE, The Ginza Art Space, Tokyo (catalogue + CD with booklet)

1996 "Destroy All Monsters Japan Tour `96", Sound Performance with Yamataka EYE/ Puzzle Punks, Lafolet Museum Harajuku, Tokyo

1998 "Kyoichi Tsuzuki + Shinro Ohtake: Aoyama Hiho-kan", Nadiff Gallery Tokyo

1998 "Connections and Contradictions: Modern and Contemporary Art from Atlanta Collections", Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University, Atlanta

1999 "Art/Domestic, Temperature of the Time", (included the live performance by Puzzle Punks: Shinro Ohtake + EYE), Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo (catalogue)

1999 Nov. 20 - 2000 Jan. 23: "Ground Zero Japan", Mito art center, Ibaragi


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